Media Appearances

Real Estate Monopoly Podcast
Featuring Marcus
A man in grey jacket and white shirt holding a pen.

EP 193: In this episode of the Real Estate Monopoly podcast, Marcus discusses the various risks involved in multifamily investing, and the measures we take to mitigate our risk exposure.

Journey to Multifamily Millions
Featuring Marcus
A blue and white graphic with two people on it

EP 50: In this episode, Marcus uncovers the secrets of strategy, negotiation, and deciphering company DNA. From unexpected costs to scaling up, we’ll navigate the challenges faced and lessons learned.

Rigs to Real Estate Podcast
Featuring Marcus

EP 52: In this episode, Marcus explains how he had used cash-flowing real estate to smooth out the ups and downs of his commission-only career, and offers lessons learned in 2008 that led him down the path to real estate investing.

Real Estate Breakthrough Podcast
Featuring Marcus
A woman smiling for the camera in front of a brick wall.

EP 131: In this episode, Marcus goes into detail on business health, priorities, managing expectations, understanding risk, and more.

Mission Matters Money Podcast
Featuring Marcus
A man in a suit and tie with the words " mission matters money ".

In this episode, Adam Torres and Marcus Arredondo explore the benefits of syndication and what investors should know.

Thin Multifamily Podcast
Featuring Tyler and Mike
A man and woman are standing next to each other.

In this episode, Tyler and Mike talk about their journey from friends to coworkers to business partners, and how that led to their first deal.

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